Oktoberfest Ale


Fall Fest Bier

Released in celebration of autumn's arrival, Oktoberfest is a medium-bodied bier crafted in the Leavenworth tradition. This richly amber seasonal owes its smooth, malty flavor to a large percentage of Munich malt. In the classic German tradition, we add both noble Tettnanger and imported Tradition hops for an authentic Oktoberfest hop aroma.


5.5% alc/vol     1.063 OG   25 IBU's
Available August through October


Modern Bavarian brewing is a year-round endeavor. There was a time, however, when Bavarian ordinance prohibited brewing during summer months. Owing to the unpredictable effects of warmer temperatures on bier making, breweries went idle from late April to late September. The final batches of spring were brewed to last through summer. Autumn brought the light-hearted time for clearing the previous spring's supply in anticipation of a new brewing season.


Then came the wedding.


In 1810, this already-festive month of Oktober became the setting for the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese. The gala celebrations marking their happy union were open to the public. One year later, renewed celebrations marked the royal's first anniversary. And in these weeks of bier-spangled merriment, Oktoberfest was born.

In honor of this festive tradition, we brew Leavenworth Oktoberfest Bier to celebrate the turning colors of autumn and the return of good friends from their summer adventures.