Friesian Pilsener


Alpine-Style Pilsener

Silver Medal winner, Continental/Bohemian Pilsener category, 

1994 Great American Beer Festival

Medium-bodied and pale golden in color, Friesian Pilsener won fame for its clean, dry malty flavor and distinctively long hop finish. This is an authentic rendition of the Friesian-style Pilseners of northern Germany, with the emphasis squarely on hop flavor. No light weight beer, Friesian (pronounced free-zhun) Pilsener is roundly flavorful. We brew it as a classic match to hearty Northwest food favorites.. The results speak for themselves!

4.4% alc/vol  1.055 O.G.  40 IBUs


The ancient kingdom of Friesland (or Friesia) stretched from coastal northwest Germany west into what we now call Holland, and east up today's Danish coast. Distinct from the Pilseners of southern Germany, those of Friesia were long renowned for their emphasis on hop flavor. The Friesian's secret: their region's softer water.